Lower Essex

Link365 is proud to be working alongside Gaillard homes for a commercial and residential project in Birmingham.

The Lower Essex Street complex will epitomise modern living with its dynamic mixed-use scheme featuring three blocks A, B, and C, comprising a total of 628 residential apartments.

Situated on top of a below-ground car park, the development also offers residential amenity spaces thoughtfully integrated throughout.

Additionally, several ground-floor commercial units, totalling 20,000 sq ft will enhance the urban space.

From the incoming mains water location to the shower head, the project will encompass all mechanical elements to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort for residents and businesses alike.

With amenities at the heart of this project, the scheme will deliver a clubhouse, roof garden, two courtyards and a balcony ratio of circa 50%, giving vibrancy to the surrounding community.

Block A: 26 storeys, ground floor commercial units, rest residential with a communal terrace on the 8th floor.
Block B: 11 storeys, ground floor commercial, remaining residential.
Block C: 7 storeys, ground floor commercial, remaining residential.

Galliard Homes
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110 weeks
No. of Modules / Units
628 Residential units

Mechanical Services

  • Hot water cylinder
  • Heat pump hot water cylinder
  • Frost Protection/Trace Heating
  • MVHR ventilation and ducting system installation
  • Sprinkler design and installation
  • Commercial sprinkler design and installation
  • Dry riser installation
  • Wet riser installation
  • Boosted cold water services and plant room
  • CAT 5 installation
  • Hot and cold-water services
  • Above ground rainwater collection and drainage installation
  • Sanitary ware installation
  • Fire rated ductwork
  • VRF and commercial ventilation installation
  • Extract Fans ventilation installation
  • Testing and commissioning including chlorination and sterilisation
  • As built drawings
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
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Essex Office
Suite 314, Sterling House, Langston Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 3TS United Kingdom

Birmingham Office
Unit 2, Oughton Road, Birmingham, B12 0DF United Kingdom

Prompt Payment Code

Link365 is delighted to help enhance payment culture in the construction business. We have signed up for The Prompt Payment Code. This is a voluntary code of conduct for firms that encourages suppliers to pay within 30 to 60 days, depending on their size.

The aim of this is to help ensure that late invoices would hopefully become a thing of the past. Link365 abides by these set of principles for paying fairly and on time.