Thursday 28th September 2023

Technology Through the Decades

In 1996, our Directors pioneered renewable energy solutions for construction projects in Ireland. They were one of a few MEP companies providing consultancy, design and installation for renewable energy building solutions. Since then, as technology has evolved, so has our experience;

Udaras and the Desmond Centre were our earliest projects that our Directors were pivotal in progressing in the mid-90s. They were one of two MEP companies providing consultancy, design and installation for renewable energy building solutions. Fast-forward over a quarter of a Century, our experience has developed as the renewable space has evolved.

Údarás na Gaeltachta required a horizontal ground source energy collector. Being located beside a tidal flood plain, saturating the ground twice a day and replenishing the energy in the collector, ensuring long-lasting efficiency.

At the Desmond Centre, a ground source heat pump was also used, but this was a vertical system. The borehole ground source energy collector was paired with solar panels. The renewable energy on this project provided hot water and heating to the building.

Youghal Town Hall saw us utilise borehole ground source energy technology. The building is located beside the sea, and as a result, we had limited space. The vertical collectors meant we could utilise the energy in a small space. This project also included an underfloor heating solution powered by the energy from the ground source heat pump.

Recently, we shared our Directors’ revisiting a Church for a family celebration. The Church was a project we undertook in 2008, installing an air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating solution.

Moving into the next decade, our Forsyth House project in 2015 required a single air source heat pump per apartment. Technology has moved on considerably in a short space of time. Yet, at the time of this project, this was a ground-breaking application.

Church Road in 2019 saw us employ and integrate a hybrid system. Individual water cylinders and heat pumps were installed in each apartment utility cupboard, with the townhomes each having its own heat pump. Additional air source heat pumps were installed on the roof, and underfloor heating was installed throughout.

Bringing us right up to date is Quayside in 2023. This current project requires a Daikin Altherma, energy loop system. The system comprises of a network of in-apartment water-to-water heat pumps with integrated DHW cylinders, connected to a common central water loop to form a communal system. The central water loop can be warmed/or cooled via Daikin Air source heat pumps working at low temperatures and high efficiency.

The expertise and wealth of knowledge between our Directors and team gained over these decades is a vital resource for many of our current and prospective customers.

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Prompt Payment Code

Link365 is delighted to help enhance payment culture in the construction business. We have signed up for The Prompt Payment Code. This is a voluntary code of conduct for firms that encourages suppliers to pay within 30 to 60 days, depending on their size.

The aim of this is to help ensure that late invoices would hopefully become a thing of the past. Link365 abides by these set of principles for paying fairly and on time.