Monday 12th December 2022

Why we recommend MVHR systems

Many of our recent and current projects have featured MHVR systems within apartments. Here's why we highly recommend this product...

Many of our recent and current projects have featured MVHR systems within apartments. This system supports the future-proofing of buildings by providing energy-efficient heating in the winter and smart cooling in the summer.

Overheating in residential buildings continues to be a major concern for the building industry as we highlighted recently here. While it will take some time for the fabric of buildings to change in order to support the way we live in an ever-changing environment, systems like Nuaire offer fantastic benefits for developers, landlords, main contractors and residents.

Air conditioning is simply putting a plaster over the challenge

Air conditioning is an obvious solution to overheating in homes. While it may still have a place in the retrofit of buildings in new builds, it doesn't provide a cost-effective or sustainable solution. Furthermore, air conditioning doesn't refresh the air and isn't effective for warming air in colder months.

Optimal thermal temperature all year round with MVHR

The Nuaire MRXBOX Hybrid Cooling System, offer all the benefits of an MVHR with the added benefit of a cooling module for the extreme summer months. This system takes a fresh look at how we ventilate homes for optimal thermal temperature all year round.

"Overheating is a modern-day concern and not one which will be going away anytime soon – if anything it will only get worse. It is affecting our high-rise builds right now, but with global warming creating more and more extreme weather, it could affect many more homes in years to come. It’s important we tackle this issue now and future-proof our systems to keep properties healthy and habitable going forward." - Nuaire,

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