Thursday 29th June 2023

The Rise of Amenity Spaces in Urban New Builds

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban living, the concept of amenity spaces has gained remarkable traction in recent years. Although amenities in residential developments have long been included in high-density developments in other countries, e.g. North America.

As cities become denser and the need for holistic living experiences grows, amenity spaces have emerged as a key differentiating factor in new builds.

At Link365, we have had the opportunity to work on UK projects that have placed amenity spaces at the heart of residential buildings. In bringing these spaces to life, we've seen how these spaces will continue to shape the future of urban living.

Why are amenity spaces increasing in popularity?

Creating community

As cities become more crowded, people crave a sense of community and connection. Amenity spaces are pivotal in fostering social interactions and creating a sense of belonging within urban environments. By providing communal areas, such as rooftop gardens, fitness centres, lounges, and shared workspaces, new builds are transforming into vibrant hubs where residents can connect, collaborate, and build relationships.

Supporting work, life balance

Amenity spaces are designed with residents' well-being in mind. They offer various wellness-focused facilities, such as gyms, yoga studios, breakout rooms, and outdoor areas. These spaces promote active and healthy lifestyles, allowing residents to prioritise self-care and relaxation amidst their busy urban lives - something that has seen a demand since the global pandemic.

The rise of remote work and flexible schedules has transformed how we work. Amenity spaces adapt to these changes by incorporating co-working spaces and meeting rooms. These spaces cater to the growing demand for flexible work environments, particularly in buildings where residential units are limited in space for a separate office within the apartment. As the future of work continues to evolve, amenities will remain integral to support productivity and work-life integration.

Providing convenience

Residents value convenience and accessibility. Amenity spaces are strategically designed to complement a city lifestyle by offering services and amenities within close proximity to residents' homes. These spaces often include features like concierge services, kitchen/dining spaces, pet-friendly areas, and secure bike storage. By providing a range of amenities within the building itself, new builds redefine the urban living experience, offering a high level of convenience.

As the demand and need for residential homes in urban areas show no sign of slowing, planners and developers recognise the importance of offering unique and attractive features to remain competitive.

These spaces have become a significant selling point for new builds, enticing prospective buyers and tenants. With the increasing emphasis on well-being, work-life balance, and community engagement, amenity spaces provide a distinct advantage, elevating the appeal of new builds in the eyes of potential residents.

Amenity spaces have revolutionised the concept of urban living, providing residents with a comprehensive and immersive experience. Their popularity stems from the desire for community, well-being, convenience, and flexible living that aligns with modern lifestyles.

Visit our portfolio to discover the mechanical, electrical and renewable services we have integrated into building amenity spaces to further elevate the building's efficiency.

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