Tuesday 11th July 2023

Revisiting our 2005 Heat Pump Project

Our Directors, Tom, Gerry and Lily celebrated the Confirmation of Gerry's daughter at this beautiful Church in Ireland in June 2023.

It was a lovely opportunity for them to also revisit a project installation from 2005, which boasts an optimal system...18 years on!

The Solution

Back in 2005, our Directors designed and installed a heating solution for this Church in Ireland. The system included a Daikin air source heat pump (far ahead of its time back in 2005), underfloor heating and insulation.

Lightweight EasyScreed was an important part of the design. This product used over the underfloor heating allowed for a rapid heat-up time. Heat loss was a great challenge for the old stone Church.

The team installed an intelligent, self-learning thermostatic system to ensure that the heat pump came into action before the congregation arrived and wound down before Mass ended so that wasted energy was kept to a minimum.

What's most interesting about this project is that it continues to run optimally.

Local University PDH students have even monitored the system and reported on its incredible efficiency.

The Result

Before this system was installed, it cost more than 3 times the amount to heat and still provided little comfort. The radiators hung on the walls did not provide heat to those in the congregation (unless you were sat on the edge by it), and much of the heat was absorbed by the stone walls.

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