Thursday 26th May 2022

Link365 recruit from the Birmingham Skills Centre initiative

We recently shared news of our newest team member on site, recruited from the local Birmingham Skills Centre initiative. Ricardo has shared his experience;

"The skill centre gave me the opportunity that I thought I would never get.

In 2016 I passed my WREG water supply and my City and Guilds level 2 in plumbing.

I paid £6,500.00 to not just complete my level 2 but also level 3.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to complete my level 3 as I was told that I had ran out of time to complete the course.

So, I received my level 2 certificate, but no one wanted to hire an inexperienced plumber, so I gave up hope in that field and forgot about any plumbing job.

Recently I was offered the chance of doing a construction CSCS course.
At the time I was completing my HGV classroom work and thought that even in the HGV line I might need the CSCS card to access certain sites.

Having completed three weeks of classroom work I was allocated one week of site work with the building services (plumbing) contractor as I had the level 2 certificate.

Having shown a keen willingness to learn I was offered a permanent position.
Even though I don’t have the experience, the plumbers have been welcoming and are showing me the trade “in real life”.

I just want to say “thank you” to the Skills Centre as I really thought I would NEVER EVER get a plumbing job let alone on a real site.
Now my certificates and hard work were not in vain."

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