Supply Chain Statement

Link365 Ltd regards supply chain management as an integral part of its responsibility to the sustainable development of its activities, respect for the environment, good corporate governance, regulatory compliance, healthcare, the promotion of diversity and inclusion, and respect for human rights, and the company encourages its suppliers to do the same.

This Policy establishes the means with which to assess the risks and opportunities associated with the contracting, procurement, and provision of supplies and services on a corporate and project level, as well as the development of sustainable commercial relations. 

As part of this commitment, Link365 considers it a priority to prevent all risks originating from its supply chain or the goods and services produced or supplied by the companies in its supply chain. 

The purpose of this Policy is to extend our commitments, policies, and values to our entire value chain and to encourage our suppliers, providers, collaborators, contractors, and subcontractors (jointly “suppliers”) to comply with these same commitments. 

This Policy covers our management approach to the supply chain and reflects our commitment and that of our suppliers. It should be read and interpreted in conjunction with any applicable amendments, with our Code of Conduct, our Sustainability Policy Framework, and our other policies, reports, and statements (such as the Modern Slavery Statement) on sustainability and the commitments assumed by Link365.

  • Safecontractor
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