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Link365 - Integrated Building Services

Link365 is a building services company specialising in Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health renewable technologies, design, installation, and facilities management.

Experience, Knowledge & Know-How

Our experts have been working in the construction and management fields for over 25 years and we’ve a track record of delivering the highest standards, on time and on budget. 

Making Buildings Work Better

Link365 MEP teams work on medium and large scale projects, both public and private. As suppliers of new technologies. We are trailblazers and always seek to find new and innovative ways to make buildings work more efficiently.

Renewables Experts

Our management team have been involved in sourcing, distribution and installation of renewable energy systems since the early 1990s. We’ve long been at the cutting edge when it comes to new technologies, training and methods within the construction sector and we continue to develop, train and innovate for the future. We bring energy efficient materials, and systems to the building process.

Link365 Ethos & Expertise

Link365 comprises of experts in the MEP, training, installation and facility management fields. Our mechanical, electrical and public health services teams are highly qualified and skilled in all areas we cover. Our renewables professionals have decades of experience in the sector and our facilities management teams have worked on major infrastructure, business and residential projects in the UK and further afield.
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Based in Essex and Birmingham in the UK, Link365 is a company with vast experience in Complete Mechanical, Electrical and Renewable Energy Solutions.

At Link365 we pride ourselves on our honesty and hard work. Our ethos relies on trust and dedication. We constantly strive to find new ways to bring state of the art technologies to projects, with a focus on energy and cost saving for clients and their clients.

Our Clients

Link365 works with prestigious developers and main contactors for whom we manage large scale and complex projects.

Below some of our clients who value our quality of work and our attention to detail:

Health and Safety

  • The health and safety of people is of paramount importance to Link365. Whether you are a client, contractor or member of staff, we put your safety first. We pride ourselves on not just adhering to Health and Safety best practice, but also on the fact that our health and safety policies inform every step of our work. We operate stringent Health and Safety processes every day, at each project location.
  • Staff Training

    Link365 staff are trained to the highest standards and we are constantly updating and upskilling our staff when it comes to risk assessment and practical health and safety measures.

    When you work with Link365 either as a client or as part of our team, you can be assured that projects are implemented by people who take Health and Safety seriously.
  • Managing Health and Safety

    As experienced managers, both in planning and on-site terms, we know how to implement strict Health and Safety guidelines while ensuring that our project is up to date and on time. We’ve vast experience in making sure that work is of the highest standard and within the timeframe, while in line with best Health and Safety Practice. Link365 is a Verified Construction Line Gold company, so you know you are working with people who have attained the highest standards in our areas of expertise.
  • Covid-19 and Health and Safety

    We have dedicated training, equipment and personal health and safety processes specifically in relation to Covid-19. Link365 is a company that understands and implements the highest standard procedures when it comes to protecting the physical health of staff, clients and on-site visitors. We are keeping up to date with every new development and implement all government regulations quickly and with precision.
  • Our Health and Safety Policy

    We constantly monitor and improve our Health and Safety policy. We have an ongoing programme of information and advice to all our teams and at all sites. Our Health and Safety policy is updated regularly as risks, threats, technologies and legislation change. Our policy is always relevant and appropriate to the work we do and the work we plan to do.
  • Peace of Mind

    When you choose Link365 you can rest assured that your people, project and premises will be in safe hands. Health and Safety always comes first for us. Over the years, this emphasis has not only enhanced our work, but it has also meant more efficiencies and a greater peace of mind for those who work with us.
If you would like to know more about Link365 and how we will approach Health and Safety for your project, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help.

Accreditation & Certification

Charity and Support

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